Ancestors of Arthur Jackson
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William WENTWORTH's other family: with unknown spouse
Dionysia ROTHERFIELD's father: *Peter DE ROTHERFIELD (1339?- )

Family of William De WENTWORTH and Dionysia De ROTHERFIELD

Husband: William De WENTWORTH (1265?-1339)
Wife: Dionysia De ROTHERFIELD (1265?-1318?)
Children: William WENTWORTH (1283?-1309)

Husband: William De WENTWORTH

Name: William De WENTWORTH
Sex: Male
Father: William WENTWORTH (1244?-1308)
Mother: Beatrice De THAKEL (1246?- )
Birth 1265 (app) Wentworth Woodhouse, (Rotherham), Yorkshire, England
Death 1339 (age 73-74)

Wife: Dionysia De ROTHERFIELD

Name: Dionysia De ROTHERFIELD
Sex: Female
Father: *Peter DE ROTHERFIELD (1339?- )
Mother: -
Birth 1265 (app) North Elmsall, Yorkshire, England
Death 1318 (app) (age 52-53) Wentworth Woodhouse, (Rotherham), Yorkshire, England

Child 1: William WENTWORTH

Name: William WENTWORTH
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Sir
Name Suffix: Knight
Spouse: Isabella POLLINGTON (1285?- )
Title Knight
Birth 1283 (app) Wentworth Woodhouse, (Rotherham), Yorkshire, England
Death 1309 (age 25-26)