Ancestors of Arthur Jackson
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Cecilia THWENGE's parents: Marmaduke THWENGE (1189?- ) and Lucy BRUCE (1191?- )

Family of William CONSTABLE and Cecilia THWENGE

Husband: William CONSTABLE (1205- )
Wife: Cecilia THWENGE (1215?-1265?)
Children: Robert CONSTABLE (1250?-1294)
Marriage 1241 (app)

Husband: William CONSTABLE

Name: William CONSTABLE
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Sir
Name Suffix: Knight
Father: Robert CONSTABLE (1177?-1251?)
Mother: Adela (Ela) De OYLI (1178?- )
Title Knight
Birth 1205 Halsham, Yorkshire, England

Wife: Cecilia THWENGE

Name: Cecilia THWENGE
Sex: Female
Father: Marmaduke THWENGE (1189?- )
Mother: Lucy BRUCE (1191?- )
Birth 1215 (app) Flamborough, (Bridlington), East Yorkshire, England
Christening Kilton, Yorkshire, England
Death 1265 (app) (age 49-50)

Child 1: Robert CONSTABLE

Name: Robert CONSTABLE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Catherine MAULEY (1255?- )
Birth 1250 (app) Flamborough, (Bridlington), East Yorkshire, England
Death 10 Apr 1294 (age 43-44)