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Ulbert CONSTABLE's parents: CONSTABLE (1046?- ) and Unknown (1050?- )

Family of Ulbert (Albert) CONSTABLE and Ernaburga BURTON

Husband: Ulbert (Albert) CONSTABLE (1075?- )
Wife: Ernaburga BURTON (1080?- )
Children: Robert CONSTABLE (1110?- )
Marriage 1109 (app)

Husband: Ulbert (Albert) CONSTABLE

Name: Ulbert (Albert) CONSTABLE
Sex: Male
Father: CONSTABLE (1046?- )
Mother: Unknown (1050?- )
Birth 1075 (app) Burton Constable, North Yorkshire, England

Wife: Ernaburga BURTON

Name: Ernaburga BURTON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1080 (app) Swine, Yorkshire, England

Child 1: Robert CONSTABLE

Name: Robert CONSTABLE
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Snr
Birth 1110 (app) Burton, Yorkshire, England