Ancestors of Arthur Jackson
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Adeliza DUNSTANVILLE's parents: Alan De DUNSTANVILLE (1080?-1150) and Emma DE LANGETOT ( - )

Family of Thomas BASSET and Adeliza (Alice) De DUNSTANVILLE

Husband: Thomas BASSET (1130?-1182)
Wife: Adeliza (Alice) De DUNSTANVILLE (1134?-1190?)
Children: Alan BASSET (1155-1232?)

Husband: Thomas BASSET

Name: Thomas BASSET
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Sheriff Of Oxford
Father: Gilbert BASSET (1095-1207)
Mother: Edith D'OILLY (1094- )
Title Sheriff Of Oxford
Birth 1130 (app) Hedington, Oxfordshire, England
Death 1182 (age 51-52) Hedington, Oxfordshire, England

Wife: Adeliza (Alice) De DUNSTANVILLE

Name: Adeliza (Alice) De DUNSTANVILLE
Sex: Female
Father: Alan De DUNSTANVILLE (1080?-1150)
Mother: Emma DE LANGETOT ( - )
Birth 1134 (app) Combe Castle, Wiltshire, England
Death 1190 (app) (age 55-56)

Child 1: Alan BASSET

Name: Alan BASSET
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Mursdewall And Wycombe
Spouse: Aline Or Aliva DE GAI (1159?- )
Title Mursdewall And Wycombe
Birth 1155 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
Death 1232 (app) (age 76-77)