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Family of Roger (Ii) BIGOD and Rosamond De CLIFFORD

Husband: Roger (Ii) BIGOD ( - )
Wife: Rosamond De CLIFFORD (1136?-1176?)
Children: Hugh BIGOD (1174-1225)

Husband: Roger (Ii) BIGOD

Name: Roger (Ii) BIGOD
Sex: Male
Father: Hugh I BIGOD ( - )
Mother: Juliana DE VERE (1108?- )

Wife: Rosamond De CLIFFORD

Name: Rosamond De CLIFFORD
Sex: Female
Father: Walter Fitzrichard Fitzpons De Clifford, DE CLIFFORD (1127-1187)
Mother: Margaret DE TONI ( - )
Birth 1136 (app) Clifford Castle, Clifford, Herefordshire, England
Death 1176 (app) (age 39-40) Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
Burial 1176 (app) (age 39-40) Godstow Nunnery, Wolvercote, Oxfordshire, England
Occupation Third Concubine

Child 1: Hugh BIGOD

Name: Hugh BIGOD
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Earl Of Norfolk
Spouse: Maud MARSHALL ( - )
Title Earl Of Norfolk
Birth 1174 Thetford, Norfolk, England
Death 18 Feb 1225 (age 50-51) England