Ancestors of Arthur Jackson

Family of Aelfgar III and Aelfgifu

Husband: Aelfgar III (1002-1063)
Wife: Aelfgifu (997?- )
Children: Ealdgyth (Edith Swan-Neck) ( - )
Lucy (Lucia) MERCIA (1035?- )

Husband: Aelfgar III

Name: Aelfgar III
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Earl Of Mercia
Father: -
Mother: -
Title Earl Of Mercia
Birth 1002 Mercia, England
Death 1063 (age 60-61) Mercia, England

Wife: Aelfgifu

Name: Aelfgifu
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 0997 (app) Wessex, England

Child 1: Ealdgyth (Edith Swan-Neck)

Name: Ealdgyth (Edith Swan-Neck)
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Queen Of England
Spouse: Gruffydd Ap LLEWELYN ( - )
Title Queen Of England

Child 2: Lucy (Lucia) MERCIA

Name: Lucy (Lucia) MERCIA
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Of Mercia
Spouse: Ives Fitzrichard De Roumare TAILLEBOIS (1030?-1094)
Title Of Mercia
Birth 1035 (app)