Ancestors of Arthur Jackson
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Family of Richard I "The Fearless" and Gunnor of_Denmark

Husband: Richard I "The Fearless" (933-996)
Wife: Gunnor of_Denmark (936-1031)
Children: Richard II "The Good" (963-1027)

Husband: Richard I "The Fearless"

Name: Richard I "The Fearless"
Sex: Male
Father: William 'Longsword' DE NORMANDY (900?-942)
Mother: Espriota SPROTA DE SENLIS ( -bef945)
Birth 28 Aug 0933 Fecamp, Normandy, France
Title Of Normandy
Title Count Of Rouen, 3Rd Duke Of Normandy
Title Count
Death 20 Nov 0996 (age 63) Fecamp, Normandy, France
Death 0996 (age 62-63)

Wife: Gunnor of_Denmark

Name: Gunnor of_Denmark
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Title Duchess Of Normandy
Birth 0936
Death 1031 (age 94-95)

Child 1: Richard II "The Good"

Name: Richard II "The Good"
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Duke Of Normandy
Spouse: Judith of Brittany (982-1017)
Birth 23 Aug 0963 Normandie, France
Title Duke Of Normandy
Title Duke
Death 28 Aug 1027 (age 64)
Death 28 Aug 1027 (age 64) Normandie, France