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Hugh CAPET's other family: with unknown spouse

Family of Hugh CAPET and Alice ADELAIDE

Husband: Hugh CAPET (939-996)
Wife: Alice ADELAIDE (945-1006)
Children: Gisele CAPET (970?-1000?)
Marriage "968-970"

Husband: Hugh CAPET

Name: Hugh CAPET
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: King Of France
Father: Hugues I Magnus 'Le Grand' (895-956)
Mother: Hedwig (Hartwige Or Hathui) (897-965)
Title King Of France
Birth 0939
Death 24 Oct 0996 (age 56-57)
Birth 0938 (app)
Death Aug 0996 (age 56-57)
Burial St. Denis,France

Wife: Alice ADELAIDE

Name: Alice ADELAIDE
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Of Aquitaine/Poitou/Rouen
Father: William GUILLAUME I Iii 'Towhead' (915-963)
Mother: Adela GERLOC (917?-969?)
Title Of Aquitaine/Poitou/Rouen
Birth 0945
Death 15 Jun 1006 (age 60-61)

Child 1: Gisele CAPET

Name: Gisele CAPET
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Of France, Dame D'abeville
Spouse: Hugues I DE MONTREUIL (970?-1000?)
Title Of France, Dame D'abeville
Birth 0970 (app)
Death 1000 (app) (age 29-30)