Ancestors of Arthur Jackson
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Family of Fulk I 'The Red' and Roscilla DE LOCHES

Husband: Fulk I 'The Red' (888-941)
Wife: Roscilla DE LOCHES (874?- )
Children: Adele (Adelaide) DE VEXIN (924?- )
Marriage bef 7 May 0905

Husband: Fulk I 'The Red'

Name: Fulk I 'The Red'
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Count Of Anjou, Viscount Of Tours
Father: Ingelger (845?-888?)
Mother: Adele (Aelinde) DE GATINAIS (844?- )
Title Count Of Anjou, Viscount Of Tours
Birth 0888
Death 0941 (age 52-53)

Wife: Roscilla DE LOCHES

Name: Roscilla DE LOCHES
Sex: Female
Father: Warenrus GARNIER DE LOCHES (844?-928)
Mother: Toscanda (848?- )
Birth 0874 (app)

Child 1: Adele (Adelaide) DE VEXIN

Name: Adele (Adelaide) DE VEXIN
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Of Anjou
Spouse: Walter (Gautier) I (922?-995?)
Title Of Anjou
Birth 0924 (app)