Ancestors of Arthur Jackson
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Heilwise DE FRIOUL's other family: with unknown spouse
Heilwise DE FRIOUL's brother: Ermenfroi D'AMIENS ( -919?)

Family of Hucbald VON DILLINGEN and Heilwise (Helwise Heilwig) DE FRIOUL

Husband: Hucbald VON DILLINGEN (850-895)
Wife: Heilwise (Helwise Heilwig) DE FRIOUL (855-895)
Children: Raoul I DE CAMBRAI (881?-944?)
Marriage 0874

Husband: Hucbald VON DILLINGEN

Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Comte D'ostrevant
Father: -
Mother: -
Title Comte D'ostrevant
Birth 0850
Death 0895 (age 44-45)

Wife: Heilwise (Helwise Heilwig) DE FRIOUL

Name: Heilwise (Helwise Heilwig) DE FRIOUL
Sex: Female
Father: Everhard (812?-866)
Mother: Gisele (Gisela) D'AQUITAINE (819?-876)
Birth 0855
Death 0895 (age 39-40)

Child 1: Raoul I DE CAMBRAI

Name: Raoul I DE CAMBRAI
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Of Valois
Spouse 2: Liegard DE MEULAN ( -990)
Title Of Valois
Birth 0881 (app)
Death 0944 (app) (age 62-63)