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Rollo RAGNVALDSSON's other family: with unknown spouse

Family of Rollo 'The Ganger' RAGNVALDSSON and Papia (Poppa)

Husband: Rollo 'The Ganger' RAGNVALDSSON (846-932)
Wife: Papia (Poppa) (848?- )
Children: William 'Longsword' DE NORMANDY (900?-942)
Adela GERLOC (917?-969?)
Marriage 0886

Husband: Rollo 'The Ganger' RAGNVALDSSON

Name: Rollo 'The Ganger' RAGNVALDSSON
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Duke Of Normandy
Father: Ragnvald I 'The Wise' (830?-890?)
Mother: Ragnhild HROLFSDATTER (848?- )
Title Duke Of Normandy
Birth 0846
Death 0932 (age 85-86)

Wife: Papia (Poppa)

Name: Papia (Poppa)
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Of Senlis
Father: Pepin II (V) Quentin (815-840?)
Mother: Rothaide (bef814- )
Title Of Senlis
Birth 0848 (app)

Child 1: William 'Longsword' DE NORMANDY

Name: William 'Longsword' DE NORMANDY
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Count Of Rouen, Duke Of Normandy
Spouse: Espriota SPROTA DE SENLIS ( -bef945)
Title Count Of Rouen, Duke Of Normandy
Birth 0900 (app)
Death 17 Dec 0942 (age 41-42)

Child 2: Adela GERLOC

Name: Adela GERLOC
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Of Normandy
Spouse: William GUILLAUME I Iii 'Towhead' (915-963)
Title Of Normandy
Birth 0917 (app)
Death 0969 (app) (age 51-52)