Ancestors of Arthur Jackson
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Gorm 's father: Harde-Knud (814?-850)
Thyra 's father: Klach Harold ( -852?)
Thyra 's brother: Gottfried (820- )

Family of Gorm 'The Old' and Thyra 'Danebold'

Husband: Gorm 'The Old' (840?-940?)
Wife: Thyra 'Danebold' (844?-935?)
Children: Herbastus DE CREPON (910- )
Marriage 0897 (app)

Husband: Gorm 'The Old'

Name: Gorm 'The Old'
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: King Of Denmark
Father: Harde-Knud (814?-850)
Mother: -
Title King Of Denmark
Birth 0840 (app)
Death 0940 (app) (age 99-100)

Wife: Thyra 'Danebold'

Name: Thyra 'Danebold'
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Of Jutland
Father: Klach Harold ( -852?)
Mother: -
Title Of Jutland
Birth 0844 (app)
Death 0935 (app) (age 90-91)

Child 1: Herbastus DE CREPON

Name: Herbastus DE CREPON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Cyrid ( - )
Birth 0910