Ancestors of Arthur Jackson
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Godgifu 's other family: with unknown spouse

Family of Dreux Or Drogo and Godgifu (Goda)

Husband: Dreux Or Drogo ( -1035)
Wife: Godgifu (Goda) (985-1055)
Children: Ada D'AMIENS (1032?-1065)

Husband: Dreux Or Drogo

Name: Dreux Or Drogo
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Count Of Mantes And The Vexin
Father: Gauthier II 'Le Blanc' (944?-1027?)
Mother: Adéle DE VERMANDOIS (944?-983?)
Title Count Of Mantes And The Vexin
Death 1035

Wife: Godgifu (Goda)

Name: Godgifu (Goda)
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Princess Of England
Father: Æthelred II 'The Unready' (968-1016)
Mother: Emma (982?-1052)
Title Princess Of England
Birth 0985
Death 1055 (age 69-70)

Child 1: Ada D'AMIENS

Name: Ada D'AMIENS
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Of Amiens
Spouse: Guy (1028?-1100)
Title Of Amiens
Birth 1032 (app)
Death 1065 (age 32-33)