Ancestors of Arthur Jackson
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Arnulf 's other family: with Adele DE VERMANDOIS (912?-960)
Arnulf 's brother: Adelulf (891?-933)

Family of Arnulf I 'The Great'

Husband: Arnulf I 'The Great' (889?-964)
Wife: (unknown)

Husband: Arnulf I 'The Great'

Name: Arnulf I 'The Great'
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Count Of Flanders And Artois
Father: Baudouin II 'The Bald' (863-918)
Mother: Aelfrid ELFRIDA D'ANGLETERRE (877?-929)
Title Count Of Flanders And Artois
Birth 0889 (app)
Death 27 Mar 0964 (age 74-75) Flanders, France
Burial Ghent, Flanders, Belgium