Ancestors of Arthur Jackson
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William 's other family: with Matilda of_Flanders (1031?-1083)

Family of William "The Conqueror"

Husband: William "The Conqueror" (1028-1087)
Wife: (unknown)
Marriage aft 1070

Husband: William "The Conqueror"

Name: William "The Conqueror"
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: King Of England
Father: Robert II `The Devil' (990-1035)
Mother: Herleva DE FALAISE (1003-1050?)
Birth 14 Oct 1028 Falaise, Normandy
Birth "1027/1028" Falaise,Normandy,France
Title King Of England
Death 7 Sep 1087 (age 58) St Gervaise Priory, Rouen, France
Death 9 Sep 1087 (age 58) Hermantrube, Nr Rouen, France
Burial Abbaye-aux-Hommes, Caen, Normandy.