Ancestors of Arthur Jackson
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Philip_IV 's other family: with unknown spouse
Philip_IV 's sister: Anne of_Austria (1601-1666)
Elizabeth 's brother: Louis_XIII (1601-1643)

Family of Philip_IV and Elizabeth of_France

Husband: Philip_IV (1605-1665)
Wife: Elizabeth of_France (1602-1644)
Children: Marie-Therese of_Spain (1638-1683)
Marriage 1621

Husband: Philip_IV

Name: Philip_IV
Sex: Male
Father: Philip_III (1578-1621)
Mother: Margaret of_Austria (1584-1611)
Title King of Spain
Birth 1605
Death 1665 (age 59-60)

Wife: Elizabeth of_France

Name: Elizabeth of_France
Sex: Female
Father: Henry_IV the_Great (1553-1610)
Mother: Marie DE'_MEDICI (1573-1642)
Birth 1602
Death 1644 (age 41-42)

Child 1: Marie-Therese of_Spain

Name: Marie-Therese of_Spain
Sex: Female
Spouse: Louis_XIV (1638-1715)
Birth 20 Sep 1638 Madrid,Spain
Death 30 Jul 1683 (age 44) Versailles,France
Burial St Denis