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Family of Philip_II and Anne of_Austria

Husband: Philip_II (1527-1598)
Wife: Anne of_Austria (1549-1580)
Children: Philip_III (1578-1621)
Marriage 1570

Husband: Philip_II

Name: Philip_II
Sex: Male
Father: Charles_V (1500-1558)
Mother: Isabella of_Portugal (1503-1539)
Title King of Spain
Birth 21 May 1527 Valladolid
Death 13 Sep 1598 (age 71) El Escorial,Palace,Madrid,Spain

Wife: Anne of_Austria

Name: Anne of_Austria
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1549
Death 1580 (age 30-31)

Child 1: Philip_III

Name: Philip_III
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret of_Austria (1584-1611)
Title King of Spain
Birth 1578 Madrid,,,Spain
Death 1621 (age 42-43)